Intellectual Property, Sports, license, IP, copyright, Sports are a important aspect of our lives. sports are capable of moving masses around the world, without distinction of race, language, religion, country, gender, etc.

In countries like Spain, for example, the sports industry generates more than 13,000 million Euros annually. Worldwide the sports business is within the businesses that produce more profits.

For this reason, this year the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) dedicates the celebration of Intellectual Property Day to sport and its relationship with intellectual property.

Brands, technology and innovation are aspects closely linked to the sports field. The application of law in this area is essential, since without knowing the rules on licensing, patent registration, copyright, among others, clubs, brands, athletes and the media, could not exploit the activity or Receive benefits from these events.

To understand how these areas that seem so distant are conjugated, you can listen to the complete interview conducted by Dr. María Elena Terrero and Dr. Guillermo López at Fedecámaras Radio last April, within the framework of the International Intellectual Property Day by clicking here